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Add Your Neighborhood! is not a business, but a group effort by community-minded neighbors in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We respect your privacy and will NOT, in the course of administering this site or any of its related services, mailing lists, etc., sell or share anyone's private information, including email addresses.

So far all of the features we have added are courtesy of Google, which has its own privacy policy and terms of service. Always be aware that by posting your email address on the Internet in a forum or elsewhere spammers may well collect that address and use it to send ridiculous email to you.

Don't open spam email and if you have time always report it to your Internet Service Provider. In using a community site like this one, you should also be aware that by posting your real name or email address, determined people may use the site to deduce certain information about you... that you live in Chapel Hill, for example. In most cases this is probably not a concern, but it is something you should consider when using this, or any other, Internet site.

Thanks for participating.